AZ 403 (b) Professional Group


Requirements for 403 (b) Professional Memberships

If you want to become an ERP member district, we recommend you to review, amend and adopt a code of conduct.

If you’d like to contact the AZ 403(b) Professionals group please do so here:

    How Arizona Superintendents work with the 403b Professionals Group

    Dr. Steve Bebee
    Superintendent, Casa Grande Union High School District

    Mark Joraanstadt
    Executive Director, Arizona School Administrator

    Dr. Dennis Runyan
    Superintendent, Aqua Fria Union High School District

    Justin Wing
    Director of Human Resources, Washington Elementary District

    How Arizona 403(b) Professionals Group works together with all Arizona School Districts

    Adam Pearce
    Arizona 403(b) Professionals Group

    Retention & Recruiting
    Jim Bishopp and Robert Young tell the story to Arizona School Administrators

    Teacher Loan Forgiveness Program
    Katherine Creed tells a story about how she helped a teacher get her loan forgiven