Student Loan Forgiveness
Are you eligible for student loan forgiveness?  Student Loan Forgiveness
Submitted by Jessica Sturcken Educators Retirement Playbook Member

Balancing student loan debt and other monthly living expenses can be a challenge. But assistance is out there to help get you on the road to financial success.
The federal government offers three student loan forgiveness programs that teachers and public school district employees may qualify for – you could have $5,000, $17,500 or the remaining balance of your loan forgiven.
You may be eligible for loan forgiveness if you’re a:
  • full-time teacher who has taught or will teach in a qualified low-income school for five consecutive years;
  • school employee or other qualifying public service organization employee who has made 120 qualifying payments;
  • Perkins Loan borrower; or
  • Parent PLUS Loan borrower who meets qualifying conditions.
Federal forgiveness program details can be confusing to navigate and may not work for everyone.
For more information, visit a reputable site such as

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Value of an advisor
Value of an Advisor
Submitted by Steve Bishopp Educators Retirement Playbook Member

The IRS provides opportunities for several supplemental retirement savings plans for educators, the value from a financial advisor is worth a look as you plan your future. In addition to your supplemental retirement plans some states have pension plans and social security. Advisors can help educators create a playbook to assess financial goals and guide you to reach them on your own timeframe. ACTION: Watch this video and/or read "Working with an Advisor"

*Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article  and video are those of the authors

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Great news for teachers
Great news! As an educator in Arizona you are one of only 23% of American workers that have a pension! ACTION: Watch short video or go to Pension Rights for details.

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