As AK Collaborations Founder and Managing Partner, Mark executes with his innovative and transformational leadership in the digital collaboration arena. Mark provides extraordinary time-to-value on mission critical operations leveraging digital engagement systems.

Mark completed his doctoral studies at the University of Arizona in Communication and Information Systems. A former athlete, having won championships in ice hockey, he understands the requirements for teams in competitive environments. Now he enjoys outdoor activities such as horse riding, hunting, motorcycling, and golf.

He continues to be an active scholar with a prolific body of work in journals, books and formal presentations across a number of settings including top international research conferences, global workshops and invited events at world’s largest companies.  His interests are in digital transformation, collaboration, software development and artificial intelligence. Dr. Adkins continues to execute extensive collaboration work with Fortune 100 corporations, various Departments in the U.S. government as well as other nation’s governments.

As a Chief Collaboration Officer Mark was providing transformational leadership at ThinkTank, a firm carved from groundbreaking research at the University of Arizona and the world’s premiere collective intelligence software suite. In prior work, Dr. Adkins led units at the large and at small consultancies including IBM and Accenture, where the focus was on cyber, digital business and technology services that balance an understanding of human behavior with collaborative technologies. Specifically, he focused on experience design and agile scrum to develop, market and sell custom collaboration technologies. This included unprecedented delivery of software every 30 days to a 24/7/365 operational environment at the Air Force Cyber Command and Numbered Air Forces.

Gestalt, LLC was a startup consultancy that was probably the first Federal contractor, definitely the first Department of Defense contractor, to use agile development while making wide use of open source code. Throughout this period Mark was a lead advocate for structured collaboration processes to design and build systems architecture, with focus on the users' and sponsors' view of the environment.

In IBM Global Business Services, Dr. Adkins’ teams were in Innovation and Emerging Solutions. The work revolved around enterprise collaboration opportunities with the 9 U.S. Combatant Commands (COCOM) and a competitive international assignment assessing the NATO response force for collaborative readiness. In addition, his team did pioneering work on open source projects.

As the Director of Research at the Center for the Management of Information at the University of Arizona, he directed large scale multi-million dollar research projects around the globe with government departments and agencies. He has extensive time at sea, eaten fine powdery dust in austere locations while orchestrating  action research to create, develop, and implement a number of collaboration capabilities and systems, including the original ThinkTank platform (Ventana/GroupSystems).



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